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Healthcare insights from a national survey of U.S. employees

Workforce vitals survey
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New research finds America’s workforce is worried sick about their health

As a leader dedicated to the health and wellbeing of your employees, our newly released Workforce Vitals Report, offers a powerful view into employee pain points along with a call to action for those committed to improving healthcare quality and access for members.

The report explores employees’ primary concerns, pain points, healthcare experiences (both positive and negative), level of trust (and mistrust), and hopes for the future regarding health, well-being, and healthcare benefits.

This report unpacks:

  • How economic, health, and social concerns are impacting everyday life, well-being, and productivity of today’s workforce
  • The weight of weight management on workers’ minds
  • Why workers trust their employer when it comes to healthcare, but don’t trust insurers
  • Reasons employees are deterred from seeking care
  • How prevalent care access continues to be for today’s worker
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