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We’re transforming healthcare for historically underserved and vulnerable populations through dedicated advocacy and guidance to deliver better outcomes for all.

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Delivering outcomes that matter

Personal and inclusive healthcare
benefits everyone


of members are satisfied with their recommended provider and intend to see them again


of members are more confident they can receive healthcare they trust


of members are less likely to avoid care

The Included Health difference

Dedicated experts who ensure members feel seen, heard, and understood

An LGBTQ+ Care Coordinator sits in their office speaking with a member

Dedicated community support

Members get guidance and advocacy from highly specialized care coordinators—90%+ are representative of the communities they serve.

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Community-validated providers

We connect LGBTQ+ and Black members with thoroughly vetted, clinically excellent doctors from a dynamic directory of over 21,000 providers.

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Improving the healthcare experience 

We provide education, guidance, and advocacy throughout major life milestones, seamlessly connecting members to relevant, covered benefits.

Community-specific support

Personal support for members and their loved ones

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Community-specific care coordinators available via chat or phone

Advocacy for whole-person care for LGBTQ+ and Black health needs

Direct connections to high-quality providers who members can trust

Education on policies, coverage, and healthcare topics for allies

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Looking to provide focused support for your LGBTQ+ and Black employees?

"This is much more than I expected. I am thoroughly impressed. I will look over the list tomorrow and reach out to them directly.”

— Communities member

"[Care Coordinator] has taken the stress away…and you can tell she really cares that she finds that perfect match. She is very responsive and always there for me and my family."

— Communities member

"I see my care coordinator as my ally in trying to figure all of this out. It's so impersonal, so hard to ever get the same person on the phone, so it's really great to feel like I have a teammate in this."

— Communities member
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