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Connecting members to the right care at the right time through AI-powered insights, empathetic Care Coordinators, and an easy-to-use digital experience.

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Delivering outcomes that matter

The impact of clinician-led navigation


lower healthcare trend than the national average


member satisfaction


 in average 5-year savings per high-quality provider referral

The Included Health difference

A simplified experience to get members to
better care

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One entry point for every need

Seamless and comprehensive experience that connects members to advocacy, guidance, and care for every healthcare question, need, and concern.

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Clinically-led and focused on quality

Our investments in measurement, modeling, and user experience design ensure members don’t just engage, but engage with high-quality clinical care and benefits that match their specific needs.

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Member-centered, AI-powered approach

We meet members where they are with timely messaging that speaks to their current needs, and we engage more deeply with personalized care from an empathetic team of Care Coordinators and clinicians.

Care that's easy to find, understand, and use

Advocacy and guidance designed to treat members better

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A home base for every healthcare need

Helpful, personalized member guidance for insurance and coverage issues

In-app financial toolkit to track spending, view costs, and more

Easy access and referrals to other covered benefits

Real-time support from on-staff care coordinators and clinicians

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Looking to help your members navigate their healthcare and benefits?

Success Stories
White papers, case studies, and educational resources on the impact we deliver.

"Honestly, I had expected my billing issue to fall on deaf ears but I was surprised instead by [your] commitment to customer care. Thank you!"

— Navigation member

"I've been (very fortunately) healthy for most of my life, so I'm inept to the health care system. Didn't realize how little I knew until I started navigating it recently and [Included Health] has been an ally."

— Navigation member

"This service takes the headache away of hunting down doctors and I'm always guaranteed they are in my insurance network."

— Navigation member

"You guys are the only support system I have had through this process. I am so thankful for your care. Thank you for having my back. [Included Health] is the only one who was cared, checked on me, and guided me since I started this."

— Navigation member

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