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Grand Rounds, Doctor On Demand, and Included Health Communities are now part of Included Health, Inc.

Website and Service Terms & Policies

Use of the Included Health, “Doctor On Demand”, and “Grand Rounds” affiliated websites, and any of the related Included Health products and services that link to this Page (collectively, “Services” unless otherwise specified), is subject to all of the terms, agreements, statements of rights, consent forms, and policies referenced and linked here, which applied prior to the integration to the Grand Rounds, Doctor On Demand, and Included Health Communities websites, services, and applications. When visiting an Included Health website or using the Services, your information will be shared with our parent company Included Health, Inc. for the purposes stated in the Included Health Privacy Policy, where legally permissible. 

We encourage you to read these documents to understand the terms and policies that apply when you use our Services, including how we process your personal information and how you can update and manage that information. 

Contracting Service provider

Included Health, Grand Rounds, and Doctor On Demand websites and Services are all provided by, and you are thereby contracting with:

Included Health, Inc.
1 California Street, Ste. 2300
San Francisco, CA 94111

If you have any questions or concerns concerning this page or the documents referenced, please contact us by mailing the above address or calling or email at, 1-800-929-0926.