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There’s only one truly connected model out there, and it’s right here. See what makes us the industry leader when it comes to member experience, savings, and innovation.

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Real integration, real results

A new healthcare experience with never-before-seen results


of members are repeat users within the first 6 months


more members connected to high-quality providers


member rating

A one-of-a-kind member experience

Online and in-person, we keep members connected to higher-quality care

  • The only truly connected model
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    We’re the first-to-market with truly connected advocacy and care delivery with a continued commitment to rapidly driving more connectivity.

  • People-centered, AI-powered
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    We offer an experience that builds trust instead of breaking it, which makes getting care easier for everyone.

  • Clinically-led, nationwide access
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    We’re an unbiased partner driven by quality and not beholden to any network .

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A one-of-a-kind member experience

Online and in-person, we keep members connected to higher-quality care

A Care Coordinator speaks with a member through a headset

Taking the complexity out of navigating healthcare

We create a better home base for all needs, help make sense of costs of care, and make discovery of new providers and benefits easy.

A woman holds a tablet where she is having a virtual telehealth visit alongside her child

Allies and advocates for every individual and their families

We treat patients like people, not numbers, from support for surprising bills to direction through unexpected diagnoses.

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High-quality, integrated care for both mind and body

We care from the whole person, including connections to an on-staff primary care team, mental health care that’s accessible for all ages, and top experts delivering second opinions.

Care that goes beyond the screen

A member experience that leads to higher utilization and more savings

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On-staff clinicians trained in dermatology and mental health

Best-in-class care available night or day in minutes

Care for members of all ages

Integration with labs and pharmacies to support follow-through

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Looking to radically improve your employees’ healthcare experience?

"I have had fantastic support every time I have reached out to the care team. I have come to rely on the support and guidance, and trust when I need help it will be provided quickly, effectively, and with a warm and professional team at the ready. Thank you! I’m grateful!"

— All-Included Care member

“I’m very happy to say that I had a great appointment. [Doctor] is a good match for me; she was both knowledgeable and kind. I’m really impressed with Included. I’ve had such a bad run of luck with doctors, that I feel grateful to have a good experience. Thanks for helping!”

— All-Included Care member

“[Care Coordinator] has been super helpful so far and I will say I’m impressed with her knowledge of [my] benefits plan and other health care questions I’ve presented to her. She communicates with confidence on the topics…I appreciate her willingness to dive deep as needed.”

— All-Included Care member
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