In our Meet the Care Coordinators series, you’ll get to meet one of our Care Coordinators on the LGBTQ+ Health team at least once a month. Our team is queer and trans-led, and most of our care coordinators are in the LGBTQ+ community ourselves. 

Our Care Coordinators deeply understand and share many of the unique challenges, joys, and experiences that our members have. We hope that getting to know a little more about us and seeing our faces will inspire you to reach out and use our services, knowing exactly who is guiding you through your healthcare experience! 

Marc, Care Coordinator

Pronouns: He / They

Where do you live and/or where are you from? Where do you consider home?

“I’m a Californian through and through, I have lived in every region of California. I currently live in Anaheim but call Chico home.”

What are your hobbies and interests, things you like to spend time doing, outside of work?

“Ever since the pandemic started I have been making sourdough bread and exploring my love for Star Trek. I’m a big Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, Battlestar Galactica nerd. I occasionally will hit up Disneyland. I’m also learning more about Indigenous culture.” 

Can you tell me about why you do this work, why you care, and what inspired you to join Included Health?

“Having a sibling who has had to navigate healthcare on their own and the difficulties of trying to get the services that she needs to live is part of my motivation. As a gay man who is also a third generation Marine, service to this nation and my community is embedded in me. Giving back to the community and helping others is paramount to me and second nature.”

What is an LGBTQ+ or trans organization, project OR who is an LGBTQ+ or trans artist, singer, or leader who inspires you or has taught you something?

“Activists Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera and BIPOC trans and gay men before them for being relentless, vigilant, and ruthlessly loud and fighting for equality to get us where we are today.”

What’s your favorite movie, show, or book? Why?

“Star Trek: Discovery. Star Trek has always pushed the boundaries on current topics from politics to race and religion. Star Trek Discovery has continued to push those boundaries with having LGBTQ+ actors that are main characters and are in every episode and the representation of LGBTQ+ couples and family. Not to mention the optimism of making a better future for everyone.”

Meet our LGBTQ+ Health Care Coordinators:

At Included Health, we strive to provide friendly and exceptional healthcare navigation services to the LGBTQ+ community.Learn more about ourLGBTQ+ Health services for your employees, and please do not hesitate to contact us to #GetIncluded for your company, health plan, and community. If you are an employee or member looking for assistance, please visit our LGBTQ+ Member Hub to get started.