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Differentiated advocacy and guidance for the traditionally underserved

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For LGBTQ+ members, a one-size fits all approach to healthcare doesn’t work.


have difficulty finding a PCP


have difficulty finding a mental health provider


report negative healthcare experiences or discrimination


postpone or avoid care due to negative experiences


(Source: Included Health internal research)

Are you an LGBTQ+ Health member or looking to become one?

Can you take Pride in your employee benefits?

Most benefits professionals and their companies agree—people are their most valuable assets. But what they may fail to realize is that for today’s workers, salaries aren’t enough to attract and retain top talent. 

This is especially true for the LGBTQ+ workforce (and their allies), who, now more than ever, place meaning in a truly equitable benefits offering. Determine if your benefits offering is inclusive of people of varying identities within the LGBTQ+ community with this assessment.

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Delivering meaningful impact and improving the lives of our LGBTQ+ members

99% member satisfaction

Improved healthcare experience for the LGBTQ+ community

98% provider match satisfaction

Proprietary provider match ensures member satisfaction

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Strategic partnership to improve healthcare equity

Hear from members and clients

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“This service has been a saving grace for my personal health. Was going through a really rough patch earlier this year. Felt like everything was too daunting, and have had issues and trauma with traditional healthcare systems in the past. This sort of navigation help has really helped heal some of that mistrust. Still much work to be done, but in the meantime so grateful for the assistance. It is appreciated.”

- LGBTQ+ Member
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“This has been a great tool and resource for our employees. The Communities team is also phenomenal in their collaboration, thought partnership, and support.”

- LGBTQ+ Health Services Client
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“I have avoided doctors for years out of fear and discomfort. By helping me find matches with providers, the majority of the weight was already lifted and my care coordinator was with me every step checking in. This service is quite literally a life saver.”

- LGBTQ+ Member
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Give your LGBTQ+ members the support they deserve.

Trusted guidance and advocacy provided by our concierge care coordinators

Our highly-specialized queer- and trans-led team of care coordinators bring a deep and diverse understanding of the needs of our community.

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Provider Matching

Connecting members to affirming, vetted in-network providers across all 50 states, as well as appointment scheduling and reminders to help ensure members receive the care they need

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Trans-focused Complex Care Management 

Supporting members with coverage requirements, researching gender-affirming providers and surgeons, and preparing for pre- and post-surgical care

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LGBTQ+ Care Navigation

Connecting members with the right benefits to ensure they receive whole-person care that is affirming 

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Education and Advocacy

Providing education and advocacy around medical, legal, and everyday life questions including connection to support groups, resources on family building, and legal and gender marker change guidance. 

It’s time for better healthcare for all

We're here to make sure everyone gets the care they need—regardless of race, gender, or identity. Hear how Included Health is transforming healthcare with dedicated advocacy and guidance expertly-tailored for underserved communities.

LGBTQ+ Health Resources for Employers

Introducing Equity to The LGBTQ+ Healthcare Experience

For LGBTQ+ employees, a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare doesn’t work. Learn about the impacts of healthcare disparities on cost and quality.

LGBTQ+ Care Equity Challenges and Associated Costs

Healthcare disparities in the LGBTQ+ community have a direct impact on care avoidance and mental health. See what you can do to help.

Can You Take Pride in Your Employee Benefits?

Your employees place value in truly equitable benefits. Are your benefits inclusive of people with varying identities looking for mental or physical care?

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We're proud beyond Pride.

We make it easy to access the latest LGBTQ+ health resources today, tomorrow, and all year long.