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LGBTQ+ Health

We provide dedicated advocacy and guidance for the LGBTQ+ community to deliver better outcomes for all. 

A gay couple sit at their kitchen table, speaking with a doctor on their computer
Personal and inclusive healthcare benefits everyone

Specialized team that ensures members feel
seen, heard, and understood


member satisfaction


provider match satisfaction


of members are more confident they are receiving healthcare they can trust

The Included Health difference

Dedicated experts who ensure members feel seen, heard, and understood

A older man holds us his phone to speak with a Care Coordinator

Dedicated community support

Members get guidance and advocacy from highly specialized care coordinators—90%+ are representative of the LGBTQ+ community

A female doctor consoles a patient on medication options

Community-validated providers

We connect LGBTQ+ members with thoroughly vetted, clinically excellent doctors from a dynamic directory of over 18,000 providers.

Two young black women seek healthcare advice virtually on their phone

Improved health equity 
for all

We work to remove barriers to care, improve the healthcare experience, and advance health equity through specialized support that enhances use of relevant benefits.

An LGBTQ+ centered approach to care

Personal support for members of the community and their loved ones

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Community-specific care coordinators available via chat or phone

Advocacy for whole-person care for LGBTQ+ health needs

Direct connections to high-quality, affirming providers who members can trust

Help understanding workplace policies, insurance coverage, and more

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Looking to provide equitable benefits for LGBTQ+ employees and dependents?

Success Stories
White papers, case studies, and educational resources on the impact we deliver

"Included Health has literally changed the trajectory of my health and mental wellness plan. I have avoided doctors for years out of fear and discomfort. By helping me find matches with providers, the majority of the weight was already lifted and my care coordinator was with me every step checking in. This service is quite literally a life saver.”

— LGBTQ+ Health member

"Being [in a new city] a year without [a] proper healthcare team has truly been a struggle. I can honestly say you have changed my life and health for the better.”

— LGBTQ+ Health member

"I’ve already recommended Included Health to multiple coworkers. I am extremely pleased with this service and amazed at how quickly I received
a response with recommendations.”

— LGBTQ+ Health member
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