In our Meet the Care Coordinators series, you’ll get to meet one of our Care Coordinators on the LGBTQ+ services team at least once a month. Our team is queer and trans-led, and many of our Care Coordinators are in the LGBTQ+ community ourselves. 

Our Care Coordinators deeply understand and share many of the unique challenges, joys, and experiences that our members have. We hope that getting to know a little more about us and seeing our faces will inspire you to reach out and use our services, knowing exactly who is guiding you through your healthcare experience! 


Pronouns: They / Them / Theirs

Where do you live and/or where are you from? Where do you consider home?

“I live in Austin Texas. I am from Houston, you know… where Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion are from?! Home to me is where my chosen family resides. Houston will always be home but Austin is now where I consider home.”

What are your hobbies and interests, things you like to spend time doing, outside of work?

“I watch Sailor Moon a lot when I have downtime. When I just want to relax, me and my dog Paige love going to dog parks. Wine nights with my friends are important, too!”

Can you tell me about why you do this work, why you care, and what inspired you to join Included Health?

“I am passionate about creating safe spaces and non-traumatic experiences for those that identify as Black, Indigenous, and people of color. I do this because I want to create a better and safer experience for people to get proper healthcare. I love that I am able to expand my passion everyday here at Included Health. My favorite part is seeing the impact that me and my coworkers have. Making folx smile during these times is important.”

What is an LGBTQ+ or trans organization, project OR who is an LGBTQ+ or trans artist, singer, or leader who inspires you or has taught you something?

“Marsha P. Johnson was a radical in the best way, they created spaces and broke down doors so people like myself and others can be here. Marsha taught me to use my voice and amplify others. Marsha taught me if they don’t have a chair for me at the table, go and make a new table.” 

What’s your favorite movie, show, or book? Why?

“Bridesmaids is the BEST movie. I relate in the most awkward ways, and it’s good to laugh at yourself. I also love All Boys Aren’t Blue, a great book about the journey of being queer and Black but not submitting to the binary traditions of what society says is ‘normal.’”

Meet our LGBTQ+ Health Care Coordinators:

And, as always, if you’re an Included Health member, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Care Coordinator team to get connected with affirming providers. 

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