In our Meet the Care Coordinators series, you’ll get to meet one of our Care Coordinators on the team for LGBTQ+ community care at least once a month. Our team is queer and trans led, and many of our care coordinators are in the LGBTQ+ community ourselves. 

Our Care Coordinators deeply understand and share many of the unique challenges, joys, and experiences that our members have. We hope that getting to know a little more about us and seeing our faces will inspire you to reach out and use our services, knowing exactly who is guiding you through your healthcare journey! 


Pronouns: They / Them / Theirs

Where do you live and/or where are you from? Where do you consider home?

“I was born and raised in Texas, then spent some time living in New Mexico. I currently live in Austin, Texas.”

What are your hobbies and interests, things you like to spend time doing, outside of work?

“I read quite a bit, mostly queer romance novels and nonfiction. I am an obsessive devotee of paper planners and calendars—I would never know what I was supposed to be doing at any time without my planner. There’s a local nonprofit organization [where I live] called Austin Creative Reuse that sells donated art and craft supplies at very low prices and offers free classes to encourage conservation and sustainable creativity. I love to visit ACR, pick up something unexpected, and see what I can create with it. It’s a low-cost and low-risk way to experiment with new techniques and mediums. Plus, ACR has many wonderful LGBTQ+ employees and the store is decorated with tons of Pride flags, so I feel warm and fuzzy every time I visit. The Included Health Communities team had a holiday gift card exchange in 2021, and all of the cards I sent were created with materials from ACR!”

Can you tell me about why you do this work, why you care, and what inspired you to join Included Health?

“On a personal and professional level, I feel called to serve the LGBTQ+ community. My work and volunteering history includes roles at several LGBTQ-serving organizations. I also pursued a Master of Public Health degree with a certificate in health disparities because I’m passionate about building health equity among LGBTQ+ populations. 

As a Care Coordinator, I love to help members tap into resources in their local area. Working with members from so many different regions makes me feel connected to LGBTQ+ communities across the country. I am especially interested in HIV prevention and treatment and sexual health, and I’m always happy to help members access sexual health and wellness services. And of course, as a trans person myself, I love to work with trans members and help them move forward with their transition goals.” 

What is an LGBTQ+ or trans organization, project OR who is an LGBTQ+ or trans artist, singer, or leader who inspires you or has taught you something?

“I’m one of the organizers of Gender Unbound, a multidisciplinary arts organization that showcases trans and intersex artists, performers, poets, and filmmakers. The organization has been in hibernation due to the pandemic, but I hope that one day soon we can bring trans and intersex creators together in person again. Being surrounded by the creativity of our intersecting communities is so uplifting!”

What’s your favorite movie, show, or book? Why?

“I’m not good at picking favorites! I can share what I’ve read most recently instead. On the nonfiction side, I just finished The New Bottoming Book by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy. On the fiction side, I loved Unnatural Magic and its sequel The Ruthless Lady’s Guide to Wizardry by C.M. Waggoner.”

Meet our LGBTQ+ Health Care Coordinators:

And, as always, if you’re an Included Health member, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Care Coordinator team to get connected with affirming providers. 

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