At Included Health, our mission is to raise the standard of healthcare for everyone. For many, it’s not easy to understand, navigate or use their benefits. 

We’re an outcomes company, and to deliver outcomes that truly matter you must have the right inputs. While we have technology, data, algorithms, and products, we’re most proud of the people who are working each and every day to raise the standard of healthcare for our members.

And so, we want to introduce you to some of our Included Health team members. Meet Florence Huang  (she/her), an Urgent Care Physician who joined Included Health in 2018. Florence Huang helps diagnose, and manage acute medical conditions via video and phone visits.

In three sentences tell us who you are.

I am a board-certified family physician born, raised, and trained in the Midwest. 

I truly enjoy caring for patients and trying to achieve the quadruple aim of better outcomes, lower costs, improved patient experience, and improved care team well-being. 

In my spare time, I enjoy food, humor, travel, reading and movies.

You’re sitting at a table with people you’ve just met. How would you describe to them what you do at Included Health? 

I mainly evaluate, diagnose and manage acute medical conditions (for example, a cold or flu) via video (and some phone) visits. For patients who have difficulty accessing a primary care provider, I also manage chronic medical conditions (for example, diabetes and high blood pressure), provide medication refills, and order labs.

What types of situations have you helped Included Health members navigate? 

Providing medical care when patients have difficulty accessing local care or their regular providers because they cannot get a timely appointment, live or are traveling in a rural area with few medical resources, do not have childcare, cannot afford the cost of an in-person visit, or are in a foreign country; finding affordable medication for patients without insurance; and providing a second medical opinion.

Tell us about a time where you felt especially proud to work at Included Health 

During a natural disaster–I cannot recall which one, though–we provided complimentary telemedicine services to the people affected.

What’s the one thing you enjoy most about working at Included Health?

I really enjoy our mission of raising the standard of healthcare for everyone. It helps recognize what we need to and can do better caring for members, including those who historically have been marginalized.

What’s one piece of health benefits advice you could give someone?

Always make the time to understand terms like deductible, copay, coinsurance, etc. These terms will help you make a more informed decision about choosing a plan (if you have choices), can better plan spending (when possible), and have an increased understanding of medical bills. If you need help, then call us!

Fun fact(s): 

I have gone tandem paragliding, tandem hang gliding, and canyoning in New Zealand. Tandem paragliding and tandem hang gliding were amazing experiences with beautiful views of the landscape. Canyoning was exciting, but I was literally in over-my-head in very cold water (run-off from mountain peaks) and got frostbite and lots of bruises, and I realized I am not the rugged type. I would not survive long in a zombie apocalypse.