At Included Health, our mission is to raise the standard of healthcare for everyone. For many, it’s not easy to understand, navigate or use their benefits. 

We’re an outcomes company, and to deliver outcomes that truly matter you must have the right inputs. While we have technology, data, algorithms, and products, we’re most proud of the people who are working each and every day to raise the standard of healthcare for our members.

And so, we want to introduce you to some of our Included Health team members. Meet Carletta Moncrief (she/her) a Care Coordinator who joined Included Health in 2020. Carletta supports members who need an Expert Medical Opinion, Concierge Referrals, or medical appointments with clinicians.

In three sentences share with us who you are.

I am a compassionate person and I do my best to be there for the people I support.

I have a quirky sense of humor and I love to laugh. 

I am a people person and I treat people with the respect and kindness they deserve.

What motivates you to come to work everyday at Included Health?

The opportunity to find the answers to questions members have, sometimes questions members may not even know how to ask. I not only get the opportunity to support them, I get to equip them.

What types of situations have you helped Included Health members navigate?

During my time here at Included Health, I have assisted members in [addressing] overpayments in the thousands of dollars and helped them with reimbursements for bills that were submitted incorrectly or never submitted at all, and then sent to the member by mistake. Being a “watchdog and advocate” for our members is something I take great pride in. It’s not only about the dollar amount we save the member from having to pay, what’s most important is the stress and anxiety we are able to help our members avoid because we are knowledgeable about the process and we also have the products and services that guide the members correctly.

Tell us about a time where you felt especially proud to work at Included Health

I had a member call who was worried that she had cancer after some test she had taken. The member called me to get her benefits information and coverage details. As she was explaining her issues I offered our Expert Medical Opinion, Concierge Referral, and other services her company provided through Included Health. 

During our conversation she got emotional, I got emotional and we both cried. I let her know that she was not by herself and after she got her results and if she needed anything she could call me. 

A few days later, I got a message from a colleague and it was this same member who wanted to speak to me directly. I called her back and her results for cancer were positive, she cried and so did I. We continued the conversation and finished the services she was interested in and hung up. 

The next day I shared with my manager what happened and asked if I could send her flowers and she agreed. When she got the flowers she called back to thank me and let me know how our conversation helped her. I will never forget this because in the moment of her crisis she remembered talking to me and she called back because she knew I cared—that at Included Health, we care.

What’s the one thing you enjoy most about working at Included Health?

Every time I answer the phone it’s another opportunity to help explain, clarify, or solve a health or benefit problem.

What’s one piece of health benefits advice you could give someone?

Understand your health plan, know what is being offered, and how you can make it valuable to you when you need it most.

Fun fact(s):

I am a former caterer! I have been in the catering business for the last 5 years. I started my own catering company Creative Comfort Cuisine in 2018. My favorite dish to cook is southern food. I absolutely love fried chicken, collard greens, Mac and cheese, and cornbread. 

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