At Included Health, our mission is to raise the standard of healthcare for everyone. For many, it’s not easy to understand, navigate or use their benefits. 

We’re an outcomes company, and to deliver outcomes that truly matter you must have the right inputs. While we have technology, data, algorithms, and products, we’re most proud of the people who are working each and every day to raise the standard of healthcare for our members.

And so, we want to introduce you to some of our Included Health team members. Meet Amanda Thiel  (she/her/hers) a referral coordinator who joined Included Health in 2020. Amanda helps connect members in need of care with high quality, in-network providers. 

In three sentences tell us who you are.

I am a proud employee at Included Health who truly believes in giving their all every single day for my teammates and our members. I am very motivated by being there for our members in times of uncertainty and crisis. Some of my favorite words to live by are act as if what you do makes a difference.

What motivates you to come to work everyday at Included Health?

I love my teammates and getting to collaborate with them every day is such a joy. It speaks to the fact that the company truly stands by their mission and is a reflection of who they hire.

What types of situations have you helped Included Health members navigate?

I’ve helped members through a number of situations. This includes, an expectant parent who needs support navigating their healthy newborn’s first year of life, supporting families through the traumatic and sudden loss of a child, helping new moms struggling with postpartum depression. I’ve also supported newly expecting moms through the grief of a miscarriage, and worked with my team to make sure these members are not only getting the physical care they need but also the emotional care. 

Tell us about a time where you felt especially proud to work at Included Health.

My proudest moment was a case in which an adolescent member was showing signs of anxiety and depression, particularly surrounding the fact that they had just come out to their family. The family did not have any mental health resources in their small town and were needing help finding providers. Not only were we able to find mental health resources within their community, but I partnered with our LGBTQ+ Health team to find LGBTQ+ knowledgeable mental health resources to ensure the member and their family were getting the exact support they needed to ensure their safety and mental wellness.

What’s the one thing you enjoy most about working at Included Health? 

One thing I really love is that there doesn’t seem to be a hierarchy of sorts among Included Health employees. I’ve gotten to be a part of meetings with leadership and it has never felt like they play a more important role than I do as a clinical employee. I know that they value my work and opinions. I’ve never ever felt this before—even in my clinical career working at some of the biggest and best children’s hospitals in the country. It still blows my mind every single day!

What’s one piece of health benefits advice you could give someone?

Do not be afraid to ask questions—if you don’t understand the answer I encourage members to ask, and then ask again.

Fun fact(s):

I’m a certified skydiver and have hiked more than 6,000 miles in six years. Throughout our journey my husband and I traveled to New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona where we actually lived in our van because we love exploring so much.