As part of our Navigating Healthcare series, we have taken a look at the problems with navigating employees to high-quality healthcare and why the wide range of health benefit point solutions that employers have implemented aren’t really getting employees to the best care. 

Healthcare navigation solutions make it easy for your members (employees and their families) to access all of their health benefits in one place. According to NBGH’s 2020 survey, 60% of employers—up from 39% the year prior—are planning to implement navigation and concierge services in order to:

  • simplify and streamline their members’ healthcare journey
  • address rising healthcare costs
  • drive healthcare utilization
  • positively impact employee productivity and satisfaction

That said, there’s some variability in the types of healthcare navigation solutions available. Some primarily act as a high-tech hub where all types of benefits, including those not health-related, can be accessed by employees. This is helpful when a member knows exactly what they’re looking for. But if they aren’t sure where or how to get started on their healthcare journey, such tech-focused solutions lack the hands-on, live support needed to keep employees healthy and happy.

Of course, there are other navigation solutions aimed at providing healthcare advocacy and concierge services via phone. And while these can provide emotional support as well as address administrative or billing issues, they don’t typically have the clinical expertise or the data to proactively guide employees when they need it most—for example, when they need to decide on opting for surgery or a less-invasive procedure.

What is the Ideal Healthcare Navigation Solution?

The best healthcare navigation solution is one that boasts a robust care team, delivering personalized, compassionate support via a dynamic technology platform that effectively leverages employee data. This kind of solution makes it easy for employees to get the answers they need, via both self-serve tools and interactions with a clinical or other care team member. With an emphasis on data-driven, high-quality, cost-effective options, the right healthcare navigation solution guides employees to the best health outcomes possible.

When considering a healthcare navigation solution, ask yourself if it:

  • provides a consolidated platform where employees can access all of their benefits
  • furnishes clinically appropriate health benefits recommendations to employees
  • supports employees on the financial and administrative healthcare front
  • enables immediate and easy access to expert clinicians
  • serves all employees, from the healthiest to those with chronic, complex needs

Introducing Grand Rounds’ Best-in-Class Healthcare Navigation Solution

Grand Rounds’ healthcare navigation solution checks the box on all of the above. With an eye towards providing all of your employees with high-quality care as part of an optimized healthcare experience, it offers

  • a first-of-its-kind provider quality measurement platform
  • easy and convenient access to on-staff clinical expertise
  • a comprehensive, highly personalized care experience

In so doing, Grand Rounds helps employers reduce waste by increasing health benefits utilization, getting employees to the right, most cost-effective care and freeing up HR teams to pursue other strategic initiatives.