LGBTQ+ and Black Communities

Our mission is to raise the standard of healthcare for everyone

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We take the “everyone” part seriously

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LGBTQ+ Health

A dedicated care team doing more for your LGBTQ+ members

Your LGBTQ+ members shouldn’t have to face barriers in pursuit of healthcare. Our dedicated queer and trans-led care team is on call and by their side every step of the way. We uniquely support members through one of the first care concierge and healthcare navigation platform designed for care, connection, advocacy, and guidance for the LGBTQ+ community.


Access affirming care for LGBTQ+ members

You’ve got a dedicated queer and trans-led care team on call and on your side every step of the way. Together we’ll find the right care with the first care concierge and healthcare navigation platform designed for dedicated LGTBQ+ care connection, advocacy and guidance.

Visit our LGBTQ+ Member Hub to join now and get care.


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Culturally competent care with our Black Health offering

Our members from the Black community deserve the highest-quality healthcare out there. We're committed to making sure you get it. That’s why we created the leading dedicated care concierge and healthcare navigation platform for the Black community – to improve care equity by increasing trust in healthcare and connections to high-quality, culturally-competent care that leads to a better healthcare experience.

It’s time for better healthcare for all

We're here to make sure everyone gets the care they need—regardless of race, gender, or identity. Hear how Included Health is transforming healthcare with dedicated advocacy and guidance expertly-tailored for underserved communities.


At Included Health, we’re proud beyond Pride. We make it easy to access the latest LGBTQ+ health resources today, tomorrow, and all year long.

Can You Take Pride in Your Employee Benefits?

Your employees place value in truly equitable benefits. Are your benefits inclusive of people with varying identities looking for mental or physical care?

Introducing Equity to The LGBTQ+ Healthcare Experience

For LGBTQ+ employees, a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare doesn’t work. Learn about the impacts of healthcare disparities on cost and quality.

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