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Expert Medical Opinion

Impactful support when it’s needed most—whether that’s getting the right diagnosis or finding a treatment plan that fits. Our connections to the best specialists in the country make it all possible.

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Delivering outcomes that matter

The right care has a major impact on your
members’ health and your bottom line


average savings per expert medical opinion


average savings per high-quality MD referral


change in treatment recommendations leading to better health outcomes

The Included Health difference

Nationwide access to top specialists and in-person referrals

An attentive specialist reviews a patient’s medical records

Leading specialists, top institutions

We partner with more than 4,000 specialists from the nation’s top universities, hospitals, and institutions, including UC Davis, Mass General, and Columbia University, to get members a truly expert opinion.

An in-person doctor chats with a patient in his office

In-person referrals to high-quality providers

We go beyond the expert opinion to pair members with top local, in-network doctors, specialists, and mental health providers to support new diagnoses, changes to treatment plans, and more.

A Care Coordinator speaks with a member through a headset

Dedicated Care Team support

When members need help making sense of their treatment or understanding what’s next, we deliver wraparound support and guidance no matter where they are in their healthcare journey.

Care that goes beyond the screen

Virtual care when and where 
members need it

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Access to 4,000+ top
specialists nationwide
for second opinions

Support and follow-up
from dedicated care

Immediate clinical support
via phone call from
Registered Nurses

Data-driven engagement
to identify members early

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Success Stories
White papers, case studies, and educational resources on the impact we deliver.

"The response was so rapid, and the expert was so complete and it just really really set my mind at ease. It was just a godsend and I’m so glad I remembered that I had this service."

—Specialty Care member

"The expert medical opinion process has [been] the most detailed and comprehensive healthcare experience I’ve ever had. No one has ever given me this level of care, insight, and background. The opinion was absolutely fantastic and so helpful to my condition."

—Specialty Care member

"I am so impressed with the exceptional service provided by this company and so grateful for the team that has surrounded me and my wife. I, for the first time in 20 years, feel we have the support we have been looking for."

—Specialty Care member
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