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Wanted: Fearless visionaries to tackle the hardest problems in healthcare technology

Transform a $3.6 trillion industry and millions of lives by unleashing the power of data, technology and human empathy to make healthcare smarter and more personal.

Ready to redefine healthcare?

At Included Health, we will never ask for your financial information to be considered for employment. We do not conduct interviews via application or text-based messaging, nor do we send checks to candidates for training and ask them to reimburse us.


Product & Design

Engineering, Product & Design Principles

Optimize for impact
  • Seek and expect clarity on impact
  • Seek out and surface opportunities to increase impact
  • Own our impact
Make purposeful decisions
  • Expect every decision to have a clear decision maker and clarity on who’s involved
  • Understand how a decision will be made
  • Make informed decisions
  • Know what decisions are being made and commit once they have been
Ability over knowledge
  • Know our team 
  • Build trust
  • Strive to be kind, rather than simply being nice 
  • Engage in healthy debate
  • Create accountability and take responsibility 
  • Aim to be a positive force

Our Teams

Applications Engineering

The Applications Engineering team builds our product experience to help members seamlessly manage their health.

Data Engineering

The Data Engineering team builds our data platform to process our massive data set and extract insights to personalize healthcare for our members.

Data Science

The Data Science team develops the logic for provider quality assessment and matching for our members, based on unique member needs and preferences.

Platform Engineering

The Platform Engineering team builds the foundational operating platform for all other development teams to build upon.

Product Design

The Product Design team leads the research, ideation, prototyping, and testing of new product designs and features.

Product Management

Our Product Management team works cross-functionally to develop our products that deliver seamless healthcare experiences at scale.

Why we work here.

David Moore

"Every day, I'm able to work with an incredibly passionate and talented team eager to design solutions to complex healthcare challenges to improve the experience for millions. I couldn't be prouder."

David Moore (He/Him)
Product Design
Meera Rao

"I love that our culture challenges us to ask 'Is there a better way to serve patients?' and then empowers us to find it."

Meera Rao (She/They)
Data Products
Richard Garcia

"It's a really amazing feeling when a member reports a positive healthcare experience and the work you do is part of the reason why."

Richard Garcia (He/Him)
Data Engineering
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