Everyday & Urgent Care
Need to see a doctor now? Now works for us.
24/7 on demand care from diverse, dedicated providers in as little as 5 minutes
Because high-quality, on demand care should be available in minutes not hours

Struggle to get care on nights and weekends1

29 days

Average wait time to see a provider2


Physician practices closed due to COVID3

Care around the clock, on demand and on your schedule
  • Powered by quality
    Our employed physicians are cross-trained in behavioral health, primary dermatology, and geriatric medicine to deliver high-quality care.
  • Designed for relationships
    The ability to see the same provider creates lasting relationship connections with our diverse team.
  • Built for access
    24/7 availability in all states makes getting care quick and easy for everyone.
Why our partners trust us to deliver top-quality virtual care

Lower revisit rates than other telehealth companies


Case resolution rate


Member rating


of members intending to go to the ER redirected to more appropriate sites of care

“I could not reach my regular doctor over the phone and virtual appointments weren’t available with her practice. The provider that I met with listened to all of my concerns and provided helpful information when I needed it, avoiding an urgent care trip.”

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