Specialty Care Clinic

Rapid access to medical specialists and comprehensive support service for the most prevalent and costly specialty care needs.

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Specialist-led care for costly and complex medical journeys

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Cancer Center

Wraparound clinical, administrative and financial support for members and caregivers at every stage of the cancer journey.

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Center for Metabolic Health

A whole-person approach to metabolic health, designed to support individual goals and safe, sustainable outcomes.

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Center for Women’s Health

Comprehensive care from a multidisciplinary team of specialists, designed for women in key life moments and transitions.

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Included Health Introduces Next Frontier of Virtual Care: The Specialty Care Clinic.

The Included Health difference

The way that healthcare was meant to be experienced

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Integrated member experience

With navigation, advocacy, and virtual care all on a single platform we deliver an integrated, end-to-end experience, with comprehensive clinical and non-clinical support for every step of the member journey.

Included Health Care Coordinator

Rapid access to highest quality care

We deliver same week access to specialists, top nationwide experts for second opinions, and quality-backed in-person referrals and options for in-home care, when needed.

An attentive specialist reviews a patient’s medical records

Cost effective for member and payer

Our virtual first approach to care and multidisciplinary team of specialists, eliminates costs associated with an in-person footprint and reduces unnecessary referrals to specialists.

Care that goes beyond the screen

Specialist-led care for an improved member experience 

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Integrated care,
all in one app

Rapid access to

Care plans and proactive

Multidisciplinary team

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