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Black Health

We provide dedicated advocacy and guidance for those who identify as Black to deliver better outcomes for all.

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Delivering outcomes that matter

Personal and inclusive healthcare benefits everyone


member satisfaction


provider match satisfaction


of members are more confident they are receiving healthcare they can trust

The Included Health difference

Dedicated experts who ensure members feel seen, heard, and understood

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Dedicated community support

Members get guidance and advocacy from a highly specialized Black-led care team.

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Community-validated providers

We connect members who identify as Black with thoroughly vetted, clinically excellent doctors from a dynamic directory of over 15,000 providers.

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Improved health equity for all

We work to remove barriers to care, improve the healthcare experience, and advance health equity through specialized support that enhances use of relevant benefits.

An approach to care designed for the Black community

Personal support for members of the community and their loved ones

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Community-specific care coordinators available via chat or phone

Advocacy for whole-person care for Black health needs

Direct connections to high-quality providers who members can trust

Education on insurance, benefits, and workplace policies for Black health needs

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Looking to give your Black employees a healthcare experience designed for their needs?


"Full honestly: I'm always a little skeptical of corporate DE&I, and the addition of this benefit felt genuine to me and like maybe it's okay to be cautiously optimistic that [employer]is serious in this space. Thank you to everyone involved in bringing this to [employer]!"

— Black Health member

"You are AMAZING!! Your professionalism is awesome and your personal touch is icing on the cake."

— Black Health member

"These resources and summaries were above and beyond. It is beyond a life-changer to receive this help!”

— Black Health member
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