Black Health

Expertly-tailored, dedicated advocacy and guidance.

External research shows a need to improve Black health equity


more likely to have negative descriptors in medical records1


likelihood of being in “poor” or “fair” health2

2 in 3

people in need of behavioral health treatments do not receive care3


higher death rates across maternity, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic and complex conditions4,5,6


Sources:  1 Health Affairs, 2022, 2 CDC, 2020; 3 APA, 2017; 4 CDC, 2020; 5 DRCP, 2021; 6 CDC, 2017

Uncovering key healthcare challenges faced by Black employees

We surveyed more than 3,000 employees at seven top employers to uncover their experiences with healthcare.


How we can address inequities for your Black employees
Growing trust in healthcare

by creating a safe space and trusted connections for members

Increasing clinically- and culturally-competent care

that meets health needs of the Black community

Improving healthcare literacy and confidence

to empower individuals to navigate their healthcare experience

Reducing care avoidance

and re-engaging members with preventive and ongoing care to improve clinical outcomes

Give your employees support they can trust.

Concierge advocacy and guidance across four key clinical needs

Primary Care 

Half of survey respondents do not believe their PCP is well-informed regarding community needs

Behavioral Health 

Our research found Black members have difficulty finding culturally-competent therapists

Pregnancy Care

Many focus group participants shared negative experiences related to pregnancy

Chronic & Specialty Care

Research shows a higher prevalence of death associated with chronic conditions