This blog was originally written on 9/24/2019 but has been recently updated.

We recently hosted a talk on how technology is disrupting healthcare. As a technology company working in the healthcare space, Included Health (formerly Grand Rounds) is uniquely positioned to talk about healthcare, technological trends, and their inevitable collision.  

In the presentation, Wade Chambers, our CTO shared his personal story and experiences with healthcare, reminding us how the healthcare industry deeply impacts us all. I spoke about trends in the healthcare and tech industries that are creating conditions for technology to significantly disrupt and reimagine the healthcare experience in the imminent future. Nupur Srivastava, our SVP Product, gave a product demo and shared insights on how we have progressed towards our long-term vision. And Jayodita Sanghvi, our Director of Data Science, covered some of the complex technical challenges we’re tackling, using data to make healthcare smarter, more proactive, higher-quality, and more personalized than it has ever been.

The opportunity to dramatically improve healthcare using data and technology is huge. Healthcare, a ~$4T U.S. market, is an extraordinarily complex industry that touches us all. But unlike other aspects of our lives which have been re-shaped by technology, so much so that, their absence is a luxury (look up: tech-free retreats), the union of healthcare and technology is at the earliest junctures of this disruption. 

I recently wrote about my journey to Grand Rounds, and in this blog post I compared joining Grand Rounds in 2019 to joining Uber in 2012. The reason is that much like how Uber disrupted a massive industry, we’re in the early stages of building technology and leveraging data to disrupt an even greater industry. In marking the 4 stages of disruption, we’re in the evolution phase, rapidly iterating on products, ideas, and technology to get to the next stage of convergence.

I imagine Grand Rounds being THE technology company that’s at the heart of how we interact with healthcare and optimally manage our health. From smarter diagnosis and treatment, to predictive health management, and even a more personalized healthcare experience tailored to you, we’re building the healthcare experience that provides each of us with insights, advocacy, and support to get us to better outcomes.

Learn more about how we’re driving these changes in the full presentation video.

If you want to chat about the world of technology and healthcare, I’d love to hear from you. And if you’re interested in joining our team, check out our open roles.