Introducing the Grand Rounds Mobile App

I’m thrilled to announce that Grand Rounds released a mobile app for iOS and Android last week.

One of things that makes Grand Rounds different from a lot of providers in the benefits space is our commitment to world-class patient utilization of our services. We’ve never been a solution that’s bought and then collects dust for a year—we drive extraordinarily high levels of usage among our customers’ employees, and that helps us achieve the level of health impact we see in our covered population.

Releasing a mobile app is one more way to ensure we continue to deliver on the promise of high utilization. It puts the power of top physicians in the pocket –literally—of the people who need us. When people need an expert opinion from a leading physician, or need to find a doctor in their local area and within their insurance network, or even if they just need to pull up their medical records on the fly to help a conversation with a treating physician—our patients can now do so even more easily than before.

I like to think of Grand Rounds mobile as a “best of both worlds” solution in a market that is a rare combination of ease and quality. The app provides immediate access to medical guidance without the need to travel great distances or wait for appointment availability, while ensuring that the physicians delivering the guidance represent the top 0.1 percent of providers in the country.

Anyone who is covered by Grand Rounds directly through their employer will have free access to the new mobile app, through which they can access all of Grand Rounds’ services: Expert Opinion for a review of a previously diagnosed condition, an Office Visit to identify a local, in-person specialist, or a STAT case for urgent medical care while in the hospital.

Employees who have access to Grand Rounds will use us more than ever before—and that’s  saying something. I look forward to helping deliver extraordinary healthcare outcomes for each and every one of them.

Download the Grand Rounds app for iOS here.
Download the Grand Rounds app for Android here.