Included Health’s Communities Offering Brings Support to Millions of LGBTQ+ and Black Individuals Across the Nation

Milestone Underscores Employers’ and Health Plans’ Commitment to Connecting Historically Marginalized to Culturally-Affirming Care

SAN FRANCISCO — June 26, 2023 Included Health, a new kind of healthcare company delivering integrated care and navigation for millions of people nationwide, has experienced remarkable growth of its Communities offering since launching it in 2021. The company is proud to announce that it is now working with over 70 top employers and health plans, including Mattress Firm, McDonald’s, News Corp, Salesforce, SCAN Health Plan, State Farm and Tufts Health Plan, to provide support to over 4 million LGBTQ+ and Black individuals, enabling improved access to high-quality, culturally-competent care across the U.S.

“A one-size-fits all approach to healthcare doesn’t work. Not at a time when 45% of LGBTQ+ individuals report difficulty finding a primary care physician and 35% of Black employees have experienced race-related bias in healthcare,” said Colin Quinn, president of Included Health Communities. “We are proud and excited to partner with so many organizations who share our commitment to personalized and equitable healthcare for everyone. Whether it be finding a primary care team who looks like you or navigating gender-affirming care, we see and support LGBTQ+ and Black communities through the simple and complex and are advocates 365 days a year.”

Included Health’s Communities offering provides advocacy for traditionally marginalized populations, specifically LGBTQ+ and Black communities, and has bridged gaps in care in unprecedented ways: members report a 99 percent satisfaction rating for the overall experience and a 98 percent satisfaction with curated provider recommendations. The member experience is high-touch and data-driven, led by a dedicated team that is representative of the communities they serve. Queer and trans-led care coordinators provide guidance to whole-person care in the LGBTQ+ Health offering. Similarly, members of Included Health’s Black Health offering experience personalized support from a specialized Black-led team positioned to overcome any barrier associated with member access to clinically- and culturally-connected primary care, pregnancy care, chronic care and mental health. 

When powered by Included Health’s integrated care guidance and care delivery model, the Communities’ services are further supported by one of the nation’s largest networks of clinicians, who individually bring an average of 17 years of experience of practicing medicine and cover a range of care needs from urgent care; team-based virtual-primary care; chronic disease; specialty care; second opinions; complex diagnosis; and over 50 clinical behavioral health conditions. This team is purpose-built to represent and serve a diverse set of members and to develop trusted, longitudinal relationships that improve healthcare access, understanding and experience.

“Included Health believes that it is critical to ensure a member’s clinical and care teams mirror the population we serve. Our highly-specialized care team is helping millions across every geography, socioeconomic backdrop, and family role – whether you are a caregiver or parent, individual or spouse – feel safe, seen and heard. I am proud of this multidisciplinary team that is building a better, more inclusive healthcare experience for every individual in every community,” said Dr. Nikole Benders-Hadi, vice president and medical director of behavioral health at Included Health, and leader for its Black Health Community offering.

To learn more about how to join the nation’s leaders in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging by bringing Included Health’s Communities offerings or All-Included Care to your population, please contact our sales team to get started.

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