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With Included Health, LGBTQ+ members have access to a dedicated care coordinator who can find culturally affirming care based on their identity and unique healthcare needs.

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Find care that makes you feel seen, heard, and understood.

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Personalized support

Get matched to an experienced coordinator on our culturally competent team.

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Compassionate care

Find high-quality care with access to vetted doctors, specialists, and therapists.

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Insurance help

Find out what's covered by insurance, what's not, and ways to save on care.

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LGBTQ+ Health Services

Say hello to safe, supportive, LGBTQ+ care.

Our queer and trans-led team knows first-hand the challenges and barriers the LGBTQ+ community faces. That's why we help you, your loved ones and other members of the LGBTQ+ community access affirming, high-quality care.

Black Health

See a doctor who sees you.

We’ll match you with an experienced coordinator on our Black-led care team to guide you through any healthcare need. From pregnancy to primary care, Included Health gets you the right care, right away—in your network and in your neighborhood. 

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We provide compassionate care
from start to finish. For everyone.

Frequently asked questions

Any personal health information you share with Included Health is held confidentially and will not be shared by us, unless authorized by you, or where legally permissible and/or required under applicable law.

Included Health partners with leading organizations, health plans, and employers to provide high-quality care for their employees and members — no matter where they are in their health journey or what type of care they need, from acute to chronic, behavioral to physical.

We offer our members care guidance, help with billings and claims, virtual and in-person care for everyday and urgent care, primary care, behavioral health, culturally competent care, and specialty care. Included Health is not an insurance company.

Included Health is fully covered by your employer and available at no cost to eligible employees and dependents.

Included Health services are available at no additional cost to you or your eligible dependents. Regular cost sharing provisions (for example coinsurance) will apply for an in-person Office Visit arranged through Included Health. Included Health will find the doctor, and (if necessary) schedule the appointment free of cost.

All Included Health services can be easily accessed by calling your Personal Care Team, visiting your employer site on Included Health, or by downloading the Included Health mobile app. For certain Included Health services, a member of your Personal Care Team will reach out to you to learn about your exact needs. They’ll take care of everything, from finding you the right doctor to collecting your medical records. Expect a care coordinator to follow up with you after you’ve seen the recommended doctor, to answer any questions you may have and start additional cases if needed.

The last four digits of your SSN are needed to confirm both your identity when creating an account and your eligibility for the Included Health benefit.

Our Care Team can answer questions you have about our services; reach out via the app or using the number at the top and bottom of this page. Or, to reach our product support team, call 1-800-374-1009 or email

Call 1-888-868-4693 or email

Kaiser members:
If you have questions, please contact Kaiser Permanente at 1-800-204-6561; 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.


Examples of how we can help

How do I get PrEP or find a provider who knows about PrEP? Can you connect me with an OB/GYN who will use my correct pronouns?

I am looking for an OB/GYN and Fertility Specialist who is friendly to the community. I am transgender and need to have gender affirming surgery. Can you help me with my insurance and finding surgeons?

I’m looking for an LGBTQ+ affirming therapist.

My provider is the only provider in my area who meets my needs, can you help me get this covered by my insurance?

My child has come out to me as non-binary, and I need help supporting them with their teachers and doctors. I want to come out at work, but don’t want to talk to anyone at work about it just yet. Can you help?


I’m planning for upcoming care, can you tell me if that’s covered by my plan?