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LGBTQ+ Health

Say hello to safe, supportive, LGBTQ+ care.

Our queer and trans-led team knows first-hand the challenges and barriers the LGBTQ+ community faces. That's why we help you, your loved ones and other members of the LGBTQ+ community access affirming, high-quality care.

Black Health

See a doctor who sees you.

We’ll match you with an experienced coordinator on our Black-led care team to guide you through any healthcare need. From pregnancy to primary care, Included Health gets you the right care, right away—in your network and in your neighborhood. 

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LGBTQ+ Health Video
Care that understands and enthusiastically supports LGBTQ+ health

We asked our LGBTQ+ Health care coordinators to share what Included Health means to them. From matching you with welcoming providers to advocating for your care, our team is dedicated to making the LGBTQ+ healthcare experience better.

Watch our video to learn more.

LGBTQ+ Care Coordinators at Included Health discussing their experience sitting at a table
Black Health Care Coordinators at Included Health discussing their experience sitting at a table
Black Health Video
Care that understands and supports Black bodies and health

We asked our Black Health care coordinators to share what Included Health means to them. From matching you with Black providers to making sure you always feel heard, our team is dedicated to making the Black healthcare experience better.

Watch our video to learn more.

We’re helping almost six million people live their healthiest lives.

“Included Health has helped me navigate my way through the healthcare system. I finally had somebody that was going to be in my corner and find me what I needed.”

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How an Expert Medical Opinion works

We'll handle all the hassles and answer all your questions along the way.

Learn how an Expert Medical Opinion helped Buddy

Learn how Buddy's second opinion helped to save his marriage and his life.

Buddy - Member

Common questions about Included Health

Included Health is a health benefit made available to you through your employer. We are a guide and resource for your medical and health care-related needs. Our services include finding you the top doctors and specialists in your insurance network, booking doctor’s appointments on your behalf, getting you remote second opinions from world-leading experts, answering any questions you may have about your medical conditions, and more.
Use Included Health when:
  • You need a primary care physician or specialist for an in-person visit. We’ll help you find trusted and experienced doctors within your insurance network and can even set the appointment for you.
  • You’d like quick answers to medical questions. We can provide you with over-the-phone guidance and support from a Included Health doctor.
  • You need to find your insurance plan information and ID card.
  • We’ll help you understand all of the details of your health plan.
  • You have questions about billing. We’ll help you understand medical costs and whether the price you’re being quoted is fair.
  • You’re not sure which of your benefits you should use. We’ll help you explore the different health benefits available to you and when to use them.

US Shell employees and their dependents enrolled in the US PPO and US HDHP medical plan options have access to all Included Health services. All other Shell-sponsored medical plan enrollees have access to Included Health Expert Medical Opinion and Treatment Decision Support services as well as LGBTQ+ healthcare advocacy and Black healthcare advocacy services.

Included Health is fully covered by your employer and available at no cost to you and your enrolled dependents. Plan guidelines will apply for any treatments as a result of the Expert Opinion or Office Visit – Included Health will find the doctor, collect all relevant medical records, and (if necessary) schedule the appointment at no cost.
All Included Health services can be easily accessed by calling our Care Team, or accessing your account at includedhealth.com
Included Health physicians span all conditions and specialty areas, including: back and knee pain, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, behavioral health disorders, migraines, digestive system disorders, dermatology, pediatrics, ACL tears, and much more.
Included Health selects physicians based on their education and training, patient outcomes, and location. As a result, we’re able to match you with highly experienced doctors and specialists who are best suited to your personal preferences and medical needs.
Typically, you’ll only pay your regular copay and office visit fees for seeing an in-network doctor. For further details, call the Included Health Care Team.
Most doctors are glad to get the opinions of their peers when assessing complicated medical issues. Their primary goal is to get you feeling better. A good way to frame a conversation with your treating physician regarding a Included Health expert opinion is:
  • “I requested a consultation about [condition] and here’s what I learned…”
  • “Here’s what I was surprised to find out…”
  • “Dr. Smith recommended these options for my care because of these reasons…”
Any personal health information you share with Included Health is held confidentially and will not be shared by us, unless authorized by you, or where legally permissible and/or required under applicable law.
Included Health is not affiliated with your insurance, and operates separately to guide your ongoing care. The goal of Included Health is to provide you with useful information about your health so that you can make informed decisions about your medical care, and have healthier outcomes overall.
The last four digits of your SSN are needed to confirm both your identity when creating an account and your eligibility for the Included Health benefit.

When you reach out to Included Health to get started, you will be assigned a Care Team which is comprised of a Staff Physician, Care Coordinator and Records Specialist. Your Care Team will take care of all the logistics of your case, from finding the right expert physician to collecting your medical records. After your local treating physician has received the Expert Opinion from the selected expert physician (with a courtesy copy to you), your Care Team will follow up with you to answer any questions and make sure your needs have been met, and start any additional cases if necessary.

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Download the Included Health app.